About Us


National Investigations, Inc. is a mid-size firm employing twelve full-time investigators.  Our philosophy is:  “An educated staff means a more professional and custom-tailored service to you.”  Our staff has a combined experience of fifty-nine (59) years, not in law enforcement experience only, but in the actual investigations that we conduct.  Many of our investigators hold Bachelor’s Degrees from accredited colleges in criminal justice and psychology.  They also have backgrounds in insurance adjusting, in different interviewing techniques, and in locating techniques.  National Investigations, Inc. has at least one investigator in each state that we cover, allowing for quick responses and results to all requests.  Our staff utilizes a wide variety of surveillance vehicles that enables us to perform discrete investigations in urban and rural environments.  We are experts in “camo-drop” investigations.  Our investigators are experts in residency law, subpoena delivery, excellent background checks, and almost all other areas of the private investigations field.  Please look at our list of services and learn a little more about our capabilities in each area of investigations.  Our expert investigators are constantly in communication with our office and clients.  We are a licensed and fully-insured investigative agency.







  • All investigations will be conducted within the compliance of the law to avoid entrapment, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation, and trespassing.
  • Our fees will remain within your specific budget.
  • There will never be any fee for consultations.
  • Our investigators will be available to testify in front of a judge, jury, hearing or an arbitrator.