Evidentiary Photography

photographyPhotography records a moment in time.  Nothing is more crucial than time when trying to preserve evidence.

It is most important that transient evidence be recorded in a precise manner in order that photographs of the same or similar objects may be accurately compared with photographs that may have been taken weeks, months, or years apart.

Even objects that do not change and are held in storage may be discarded after some defined period of time.  The only remaining records may be photographs.  Photographic documentation becomes even more crucial if the evidence is transient.  Transient evidence only exists for a short period of time.

We are bombarded daily with photographs used for commercial and advertising purposes to make things look bigger, better, and more alluring.  They want to convince the view to buy their product.  But photographs may also be used to accurately document and subsequently re-construct a scene or event at a later date.

Evidence documentation leaves no room to sell its message.  Its accuracy must have some basis in science.  If done properly, the photograph needs little or no explanation.  It can tell the complete story.

This is what National Investigations, Inc. has thirteen (13) years of experience doing:  taking evidentiary photos for accidents, crime scenes, and even for domestic cases.  We have a specialized group of investigators who are at our client’s disposal to perform evidentiary photography to preserve the crime scene or accident scene.  If you are representing an insurance company looking for a private investigations firm to take photos and reports of a traffic accident, or accident scene, please contact us immediately so we can dispatch an investigator to the location to preserve your evidence.  In domestic situations, please contact us immediately at 800-798-5620, so we can document the damage done to the individual who was violated.



  • All investigations will be conducted within the compliance of the law to avoid entrapment, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation, and trespassing.
  • Our fees will remain within your specific budget.
  • There will never be any fee for consultations.
  • Our investigators will be available to testify in front of a judge, jury, hearing or an arbitrator.