Voice Stress Analysis and Polygraph

Our examiners are former law enforcement officers with extensive experience in interview / interrogation, statement taking, and court testimony in support of admissions / confessions elicited.  Our polygraph examiners can conduct tests for specific issues, as well as aggressively integrate them into investigations to narrow down possible suspects. Examples of Polygraph and VSA use include:

  • Sex Offender Monitoring
  • Internal Theft
  • Accusation Verification
  • Infidelity issues
  • Drug / Alcohol Use
  • Criminal Defense issues
  • Government Pre-Employment  Screening
  • Police / Government Internal Affairs 
  • Criminal Investigation issues
  • Probation / Parole issues
  • Sex Addiction issues

Polygraph and VSA examinations are videotaped in a professional environment.  Our examiners are also available to conduct Equivocal Chart Analysis of other polygraph and/or VSA results / reports.  


  • All investigations will be conducted within the compliance of the law to avoid entrapment, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation, and trespassing.
  • Our fees will remain within your specific budget.
  • There will never be any fee for consultations.
  • Our investigators will be available to testify in front of a judge, jury, hearing or an arbitrator.