Security System Evaluation

National Investigations, Inc,  can provide a comprehensive, on-site analysis of an entity's facilities identifying all security threats, risks and vulnerabilities including an assessment of its current security measures. National Investigations, Inc. makes recommendations based on this analysis and works closely with clients to implement them. National Investigations, Inc. will assess any facility, including corporate offices, factories, project sites, retail, shipping and areas of public access. Key points examined include:

  • Architectural elements such as barriers, locks and doors
  • Areas of refuge
  • Security staffing
  • Mail and material handling
  • Vehicular and pedestrian access control
  • Technical security systems such as alarm monitoring
  • Closed-circuit television, etc.

Risk analysis is a term that broadly defines the implementation of investigative methods to gauge potential risks. This encapsulates a variety of situations from physical protection through to information security.
All companies or organizations have physical or electronic systems in place that are designed to increase productivity and allow the smooth running of day-to-day business. Typical examples of these are standard staff procedures, bespoke communications equipment and software packages that enable the input and logging of information. We have found that most areas can be exploited and subsequently increase the risk of a serious problem.
We can perform a security audit of your organization to evaluate the potential hazards of your procedures and systems. We do this by investigating each specific area of your business and examining the way in which it works, what its goals are, and how it interacts with other areas. We concentrate on the passage of information and the physical interaction of staff with that information. Once this is complete, we then compile a thorough report, outlining, where necessary, areas which need improvement and the suggested methods to implement these improvements. If required, we can then assist in the implementation of these methods and any staff training that is needed.


  • All investigations will be conducted within the compliance of the law to avoid entrapment, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation, and trespassing.
  • Our fees will remain within your specific budget.
  • There will never be any fee for consultations.
  • Our investigators will be available to testify in front of a judge, jury, hearing or an arbitrator.