Undercover Investigations

A trained undercover operative is placed within your organization to work alongside regular employees to observe and uncover problems within your organization, including theft, drug use/distribution, policy violations and employee morale problems. In addition, National Investigations, Inc.’s undercover operative is trained to provide an ongoing vulnerability and risk analysis by identifying weaknesses in the facility's security, and pointing out areas susceptible to theft that are often only known to someone on the "inside." Based on the findings of an undercover investigation, our clients can implement security systems at their plant or facility to act as a permanent means of monitoring activity and to counter theft. Detailed and professionally prepared written reports are furnished to your principal management or designee on a regular basis throughout the investigation.

Our undercover investigators are trained in Narcotics detection and will seek out anyone who is selling or using Narcotics within your facility.  We have trained investigators that have worked with law enforcement personnel in the past to stop the flow of narcotics within your facility.  One investigator in one case took down forty-five (45) individuals with over $40,000.00 of Narcotics trafficking through undercover video surveillance.  Narcotics in the work place in this day and age are a huge risk and concern, due to the liabilities of an individual getting injured due to another individual’s use of narcotics.  So we have put together an extensive program to rid your facility of narcotics use and trafficking.


  • All investigations will be conducted within the compliance of the law to avoid entrapment, invasion of privacy, misrepresentation, and trespassing.
  • Our fees will remain within your specific budget.
  • There will never be any fee for consultations.
  • Our investigators will be available to testify in front of a judge, jury, hearing or an arbitrator.